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CTS Project

Contemporary Theatre Speaking is an international program of exchange in the field of Contemporary Dramaturgy, promoted by the theatre company Draft.Inn (Madrid), in partnership with the Dramatikkens Hus (Oslo), and financed by the EE Grants through the Spanish Embassy of Norway.

Two texts by the playwrights Jose Manuel Mora (My soul somewhere else) and Ana Fernández Valbuena (Mery Monarca) have been translated into Norwegian, and will be presented at the Damatikkens Hus in March 2014.

Two texts by the playwrights Jon Fosse (I am the wind), and Marit Tusvik (The Ice House) have been translated into Spanish and will be performed at Teatro Español, in Madrid, May 2014. They will be published as well in a Norwegian Theatre volume, edited by Teatro del Astillero, with an introduction by the scholar J. Gabriel López Antuñano. The book will be presented in La Casa del Lector (Matadero), during the European theatre cycle Eurodram.

The four playwrights will meet their peer in both countries, as well as both audiences, and all that will be filmed and edited in a short documentary, to be loaded at the CDT (Centro de Documentación Teatral, INAEM) as well as in




The aim of the EEA Grants is to promote a greater understanding of cultural diversity and to stimulate cultural cooperation between cultural entities and cultural players, in this case between Spain and the three Donor States within the EEA Grants (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein).

They provide funding to 15 EU countries in central and southern Europe. €1.79 billion has been set aside under the EEA and Norway Grants for the period 2009 to 2014 to contribute to the reduction of economic and social disparities in the European Economic Area.

The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Madrid is the Programme Operator for the Programme: “Cultural diversity and cultural exchange”. The objective of the Programme is cultural dialogue increased and European identity fostered through understanding of cultural diversity. The Call for proposals to this Program, ended on July, 2013, received a total of 140 applications, but only 8 of them were chosen to be financed, for a total of 340.000 euros. Therefore, 21 individual artists and cultural workers that applied to develop their networks within other Norwegian or Island cultural agents have received other 80.000 euros.

CONTEMPORARY THEATRE SPEAKING, presented by DRAFT.INN, was selected among them for the quality of the proposal in the field of Theatre Exchange through the translations, edition, a public promotion of Norwegian and Spanish theatre in both countries.


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