CTS Calendar

October-December 2013

  • Translation from Spanish into Norwegian of the plays: My soul somewhere else by José Manuel Mora and Mery Monarca by Ana Fernández Valbuena.
  • Translation from Norwegian into Spanish of the plays You are the wind by Jon Fosse and The ice house by Marit Tusvik.
  • Opening of an specific page for CTS in the site draftinn.com

January-February 2014

  • Delivering of the Spanish translations to the Publishing House “Teatro del Astillero”, and to J. G. López Antuñano (in charge of the paper for the Norwegian Theatre edition in Spain).
  • Rehearsals of Mary Monarca and My soul somewhere else in Oslo.

March 2014

  • Between 4-7 Stage readings in the Dramatikkens Hus of the two Spanish texts.
  • Visit of the 2 Spanish playwrights to the Dramatikkens Hus to exchange with some Norwegian playwrights, and to follow the readings.
  • Filming the process.
  • Meeting between them and Jon Fosse, accompanied by the Spanish journalist Ignacio García Garzón.
  • Reporting the experience in the Spanish press (ABC Cultural).
  • Work on the Edition of a documentary of the Oslo experiences.
  • Reporting of the whole event at the CTS web site.

April 2014

  • Edition on line of the documentary of the Oslo experiences at the Spanish Theatre Documentation Centre (CDT, Centro de Documentación Teatral), with Spanish subtitles. http://teatro.es/contenidos/revistaDigitalDeLaEscena/
  • Work on the edition of the documentary about Jon Fosse.
  • Publishing of the Norwegian Theatre volume in “Teatro del Astillero”.

May 2014

  • Rehearsals of the two Norwegian texts, directed by Salva Bolta and Carlota Ferrer.
  • Loading of the documentary about Jon Fosse in CTS web site.
  • Stage readings of the I am the wind and The Ice House at Teatro Español (23-25th).
  • Presentation of the book edited by Teatro del Astillero, in the cycle Eurodram, at La Casa del Lector (El Matadero, Madrid), together with the releasing of the short documentary about Jon Fosse.
  • Visit to Madrid of the playwright Marit Tusvik and the Dramatikkens Hus responsible Siri Senje. Encounter in Draft.Inn with some Spanish playwrights.
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