Salva Bolta

He has a Bachelor of Dramatic Arts at the ESAD of Valencia. Former actor, until 1992. Thereafter, he has been alternating activities in the theatrical field with other ones in plastic arts and museology.

He has worked as Assistant Director and Artistic Assistant with José Luis Saiz i Antoni in W. Cleopatra Shakespeare ( 1983 ), Mariano Barroso in The Elephant Man B. Pomenace (1998 ), Robert Wilson in Russian Madness ( 2001) and Bigas Luna in Una Comedia Bárbara R. M. del Valle Inclan (2003), among others.

In the field of management, he worked as the Artistic Coordinator of the Centro Dramático Nacional, Madrid.

He also worked as the Artistic Director at the thirteenth and final edition of the Festival Escena Contemporánea, Madrid 2012.

Since 2012, he is an Artistic Partner of DRAFT.INN and, since March 2013, he manages Judas Tadeo Producciones, a project that brings together a varied group of creators within the field of Performing Arts.