Rodrigo Casullas

Light designer, cinematographer and sound technician, he is a free lance worker specialized in cinema and publicity. He has been awarded as gaffer in festivals like “Tribeca Film Festival” (New York), “MadridImagen”, “Cortogenia” (Madrid), and “Festimage” (Barcelona).

Among his latest works the film The Judas Course, filmed in Greece, in 2013, and the shorts The Acrobat and Safari filmed in Spain in 2012 and 2013.

He has filmed documentaries as well, as camera operator for TV programs like Informe semanal. His first documentary direction was Samira… , in the international Project between Spain, Italy and Morocco, in 2012, financed by AECID.

He has done light designs as well for video clips in Disco companies like SONY or UNIVERSAL, and has been awarded for them in “Festival de Video clips, Medina del Campo”.