José Manuel Mora

Jose Manuel Mora was born in Seville, Spain, in 1978. He was graduated in Dramaturgy and Stage direction by the Royal Drama School (RESAD, Madrid, 2006) and four years later finished his phd as dramaturg in DasArts (Máster of Theatre/ Amsterdam School of Arts).

He works as author, dramaturge, literary collaborator of El Cultural (cultural magazine from the Spanish newspaper El Mundo) and teaching dramaturgy in ESADCyL (Performing Arts School of Castile and León, Spain).

As a playwright, Mora attended several international workshops organised by Centro Andaluz de Teatro, which were lead by playwrights like Rodrigo Garcia, Michel Azama, Gerardjan Rijnders, Martin Crimpt, David Harrower, Rafael Spregelburd, Juan Mayorga and Sarah Kane.

His play Me muero de amor was presented as a dramatic reading in the Jerwood Theatre Upstairs during his participation in the 19th International Residency for Playwrights (Royal Court Theatre, London, 2006). His main works include award-winning plays like Cancro (National Award for Young Writers, Marques de Bradomin, Madrid, 2003); Los Cuerpos Perdidos (Premio SGAE de Teatro 2009, premiered in X Festival de Dramaturgia Europea, Santiago de Chile and Szenische Lesung in Avignon off 2011); and Mi alma en otra parte (Berliner Stückemarkt 2008, published in the magazine Theater der Zeit and premiered by the National Theatre in Madrid, 2011).

His plays have been translated into different languages and premiered around the world. He is the artistic director of DRAFT_INN (space for the risk in the performing arts) in Madrid, and in his spare time he studies German, he walks, he reads the Russian classics, he talks to Paolo (his dog, a cocker spaniel) and he makes his own living through the precarious balance that gives him theatre.