Carlota Ferrer

Actress and stage director, she has combined her studies of acting (Teatro La Abadía), with master classes from Eugenio Barba, Genadi Vogdanov, Tapa Sudana, Flora Arcadi, Dam Jemmet, Stephanne Braunsweig, and José Luis Gómez; and in Theatre-Dance at the Matisse Art School among others. Therefore, she has studied Stage manager and dramaturgy in RESAD (Royal School of Dramatic Art) in Madrid).

She works regularly as stage assistant in Teatro La Abadía as well as in others theatre companies. Actually she is one of the permanent artistic collaborators of Draft.Inn (Space for risk in the Performing Arts).

She has directed for the stage:

  • The whole world by Theresia Walser.
  • Swimming B, created by herself in the Biennale of Venice as a result of an artistic residence.
  • The Sadness of King Kong (Theatre La Abadía, Madrid).
  • The Bodies Losted and Cancro by José Manuel Mora.
  • Ophelia´s heart by Joan Espasa.

She has been assistant, as well, of the directors Krystian Lupa (Endgame by S. Beckett, Teatro La Abadía), Álex Rigola (Husbands & Wifes, by Woody Allen, Theatro La Abadía, and Better days by Richard Dresser), José Luis Gómez (Grooming  by Paco Bezerra, Liuba Cid in Fuenteovejuna by Lope de Vega), and Roberto Cerdá (Sans Titre by Federico García Lorca, and Wall by Itziar Pascual) among others.

She has worked as a dance actress recently with Gabriela Carrizo and Peeping Tom in the XS Festival in Brussels, and has performed Slow lie by Jan lauwers in The Biennale of Venice, Riva’s family by Adriana Roffi, Ay Carmela, by Sanchís Sinisterra, Wild, Wild, Wilde by J.R.Fernández and Fefa Noia, At the end we all find by Fernando Soto, I will remember you all by Ana Vallés…

She has choreographed as well The holidaymakers by M.Gorki and The inspector by Gogol both directed by Miguel del Arco.