Ana Fernández Valbuena

Born in 1962 she is a teacher, a playwright and a theatre researcher with a PH Doctorate in Italian Contemporary Theatre.

She has attended some international playwright workshops with David Edgar (UK), Jean Marie Piemme (Belgium), Wadji Mouawad (Canada), and Juan Mayorga, among others.

Since 2002 she teaches Playwright at RESAD (Royal Drama School) in Madrid, where she has run different international projects: European Drama Schools Network École des écoles; Grundtvig Theatre Program (2010-2012, and again in 2013); and, since 2010, the pedagogic exchanges RESAD-Piccolo Teatro di Milano Master Class. See “Samira en Madrid”.

She is correspondent in Madrid of the Italian theatre magazine Sipario. Her plays have been translated into Arab and Italian, and the following have been staged:

  • Samira doesn’t understand Christian world, Théâtre National Mohamed V, Rabat, Piccolo Teatro di Milano, May, 2012, directed by Flavio Albanese, published in Fundamentos, 2012.
  • Migraciones internas, Piccolo Teatro di Milano, February, 2011, directed by Nacho Sevilla.
  • Adaptation of The Art of Comedy by Eduardo De Filippo, Theatre La Abadía, Madrid, 2010, directed by Carles Alfaro.

Her recent theatre awarding:

  • Internacional Awarding of Theatre Journalism “Carlos Porto”, Festival de Teatro de Almada (Lisbon), July, 2012.
  • Finalist in the Spanish Theatre Awards “Premios Max” for her adaptation of The Art of Comedy, by Eduardo De Filippo, Theatre La Abadía.
  • Grant from the Regional Government of Madrid (CAM) 2010 to write Migraciones internas, published in Primer acto, n. 336, 2011, Madrid.